Taiten Kusunoki

better known by his stage name Taiten Kusunoki (楠 大典 Kusunoki Taiten, sometimes spelt Taitem Kusunoki), is a Japanese actor and voice actor from Tokyo. He is affiliated with Amuleto. In the Transformers series , he plays " Car Robot " Black Convoy, " Galaxy Force " Galaxy Convoy, " Adventure " Optimus Prime (convoy name in overseas version), and three convoys / Optimus with different personalities . . "Car Robot" fell into the audition of the leading role of the Fire Convoy ( remaining until the end with Satoshi Hashimoto as the role of Fire Convoy in the selection ), and the offer of the leading role of the Galaxy Convoy in "Galaxy Force" came and said "I was very happy" and are [4] . In addition, in live action version " Transformers " was responsible for the dubbing of Optimus deputy jazz . " Star Wars series " of the Darth Vader of the Japan version of the exclusive voice and is Toru Ohira due to poor health in the step down " Star Wars Rebels ' season 2 or later camphor tree is supposed to be responsible for Vader . After that, Ohira died on April 12, 2016, and became a full-time exclusive voice actor. Since then, almost all media works have played Vader.

Taiten Kusunoki
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NameTaiten Kusunoki
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Also Known As楠大典
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