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Decoration Day (1990) Full Movie

Decoration Day
7.3/10 by 2.279 users

A cantankerous widower (Garner) who is virtually living the life of a recluse is forced to rejoin his community when his Godchild (Skaggs) gets in trouble and a childhood friend (Cobbs), a black tenant farmer, refuses to belatedly accept a Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery in World War II.

TitleDecoration Day
Duration100 minutes
Release DateDec 02, 1990
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Plot Keywords
James Garner
Albert Sidney Finch
Judith Ivey
Terry Novis
Ruby Dee
Bill Cobbs
Gee Pennywell
Laurence Fishburne
Michael Waring, DOD Man
Jo Anderson
Loreen Wendell
Norm Skaggs
Billy Wendell
Robert Markowitz
Marian Rees
Dick Gallegly
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