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False Faces (1932) Full Movie

False Faces
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Dr. Silas Brenton is fired from his position at a large hospital, primarily for a lack of ethics, and goes to Chicago and sets himself up as a plastic surgeon and seducer of women; his quack methods lead to an operating-room failure that leads to tragedy for many others.

TitleFalse Faces
Duration73 minutes
Release DateOct 12, 1932
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Plot Keywords, ,
Lowell Sherman
Dr. Silas Brenton
Peggy Shannon
Elsie Fryer
Lila Lee
Georgia Rand
Berton Churchill
Dr. J.B. Parker
David Landau
Nance O'Neil
Mrs. Finn
Purnell Pratt
Jefferson Howe
Olive Tell
Mrs. Day
Edward Martindel
Mr. Jonathan Day
Geneva Mitchell
Florence Day
Helene Millard
June Deering
John St. Polis
Dr. McDonald
Joyce Compton
Dottie Nation
Forrest Stanley
District Attorney
Ted D. McCord
Kubec Glasmon
Lowell Sherman
Lowell Sherman
Llewellyn Hughes
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