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The Girl from Scotland Yard (1937) Full Movie

The Girl from Scotland Yard
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A female agent tacks down the cause of mysterious explosions.

TitleThe Girl from Scotland Yard
Duration61 minutes
Release DateMay 30, 1937
Production Company,
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Plot Keywords,
Karen Morley
Linda Beech
Robert Baldwin
Derrick Holt
Eduardo Ciannelli
Franz Jorg
Katharine Alexander
Lady Helen Lavering
Claude King
Sir Eric Ledyard
Agnes Anderson
Mary Smith (as Lynn Anders)
Milli Monti (as Milli Monti)
Jon Hall
Bertie (as Lloyd Crane)
Ted Adams
Montritz Hotel Valet-Henchman (as Richard Ted Adams)
Dennis O'Keefe
John (as Bud Flanagan)
Odette Myrtil
Mme. Yvonne Dupre
Gino Corrado
Violinist - Translator
Fred Farrell
Alphonse Martell
Second Valet
Philip Sleeman
First Valet
John Burke
Dore Schary
Emanuel Cohen
Robert Pittack
Director of Photography
Leo Shuken
Original Music Composer
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