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Once in the Life (2000) Full Movie

Once in the Life
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Once in the life (of drug dealing and organized crime), can anyone get out? During a brief jail stay, two half-brothers, who have rarely seen each other while growing up, connect. One of them, called 20/20 Mike because he can sense people nearby, concocts a scheme in which the two of them will steal some dope from young couriers. The heist goes awry when Billy, the junkie brother, shoots the victims of the theft. The brothers hole up in an abandoned building, and 20/20 Mike seeks help from an old cell mate, Tony, whom he thinks is out of the life. It turns out that they have stolen Tony's dope, and Tony's boss wants the two thieves dead. Is there any way out? Written by

TitleOnce in the Life
Duration107 minutes
Release DateOct 27, 2000
Genres, ,
Production Company,
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Plot Keywords
Dominic Chianese Jr.
Freddie Nine Lives
Laurence Fishburne
20 / 20 Mike
Gregory Hines
Laurence Fishburne
Bill Pankow
Darryle Johnson
Costume Design
Charley Beal
Production Design
David L. Bushell
Helen Sugland
Richard Turner
Director of Photography
Kim Wilcox
Assistant Costume Designer
Eva Z. Cabrera
Script Supervisor
Stephen Consentino
Steadicam Operator
Gene Page
Still Photographer
Kenneth Walker
Key Hair Stylist
Diann Duthie
Art Direction
Paul Cheponis
Set Decoration
Jordan West
Set Decoration
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