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After Met You (2019) Full Movie

After Met You
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Ari, the coolest and most handsome guy at his school, is challenged by his friends, The Daks, to find a girlfriend who is definitely not interested in him. Ara, an introverted and smart girl in school, is Ari's target. It turns out that Ara is the daughter of Ari’s producer as a DJ. Ari is shocked because all of Ara's views about him. This make him question himself. Azka, Ari's old friend, then moves to Ari’s school and close to Ara. Ari, who tries to hide his inner wounds because of his family's condition, also has to try to win Ara's heart. The truth about the betting is finally revealed.

TitleAfter Met You
Duration107 minutes
Release DateJan 10, 2019
Production Company,
Production CountriesIndonesia
LanguageBahasa indonesia
Plot Keywords
Ari Irham
Yudha Keling
Surya Saputra
Ari's Dad
Wulan Guritno
Ari's Mom
Rigen Rakelna
Asisten Papa Ara
Ananta Rispo
Kepala Sekolah
Yusril Fahriza
Guru Musik
Teuku Rizky Muhammad
Murid Sekolah
Raffi Ahmad
Executive Producer
Haqi Achmad
Patrick Effendy
Ari Irham
Fransen Susanto
Executive Producer
Roni Parini
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