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Summer Snow (1995) Full Movie

Summer Snow
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The Suns are a typical Hong Kong family: May, forty something, works for a trading company; her husband, Bing, works as a low-grade civil servant, and Allen, their teenage son, is still at school. Trouble strikes one day when Bing's mother dies of a stroke, leaving her husband old Mr. Sun. Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed. From that day on, the family's daily life is thrown into a poignant. Old Mr. Sun develops a tendency to wander off and get lost, he wakes up yelling in the middle of the night plus he is rude and disobliging ... all this, along with May's already full schedule as wife, mother and employee, drives her close to the edge of her endurance. The very last thing they all wanted has to happen: old Mr. Sun has to go into a Nursing Home. But it does not turn out quite like they expected...

TitleSummer Snow
Duration101 minutes
Release DateMay 04, 1995
Production Company, ,
Production CountriesHong Kong
Language广州话 / 廣州話
Plot Keywords
Josephine Siao
May Sun
Roy Chiao
Lin Sun
Law Kar-Ying
Bing Sun
Tam Sin-Hung
Ying Sun
Patricia Chong Jing-Yee
Carrie Chin (Daughter-In-Law)
Allen Ting
Allen Sun
Teresa Ha Ping
Mrs. Han
Lau Shun
Mr. Lo
Fai Chow
Bing's Brother
Gin Tsang
Fong Pau
Manfred Wong
Fish Vendor
Chang Tseng
Tea House Owner
Stephen Fung
Ann Hui
Mark Lee Ping-Bing
Director of Photography
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